Sunday, January 26, 2014

Metal Match(Ferro rod) 101

Heres a list of trade names again, to add more confusion from a Maker in china, yet to find a maker/info with a mine/factory in Sweden...the bottom has the recipe
In my Cave mind its all the same stuff magic sparky thing, from my first Boy Scout model to the last no name wonder blank...ya get a fire or you don't all of the Trade name bits below spark I'm sure, we just provide good tinder...
Good luck on finding the USA blanks.

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The required chemical composition:
Mischmetal(rare earth metal) : abt. 75%
Iron abt.18.1-19.3%
Magnesium 3-4% Rare earth metal distribution :
Cerium 49-51%Lanthanum 26-34%
Neodymium 0-10%
Praseodymium 4-7%
Pyrophoric percentage : 98%min.

Hardness : 70-90 HV
Dimension : 8.0mm up to 30mm Diameter x 5mm up to 1000mm Length.

Ferrocerium rod is made from Iron, Magnesium and mostly of an alloy of rare earth metals called mischmetal, which contains cerium, lanthanum and a small amounts of neodymium and praseodymium. The origin of its easy sparking is cerium's low temperature pyrophoricity, it's ignition temperature occurring between (150 to 180 degrees celsius). Since smaller scrapings become better sparks, the mechanical properties of rare earth metals must be adjusted to give a usable material;
Ferrocerium rod is widely used in flint lighter, outdoor firestarter(fire starter), survival kits(flint & steel kit) in scouting and camping, and sparking entertainment, clockwork toys and strikers for welding torches.
Ferrocerium is also known as Auermetall after its inventor Baron Carl Auer von Welsbach, it is sold under such trade names as Blastmatch, FireSteel, and Metal-Match.

While ferrocerium-and-steel function in a similar way to flint-and-steel in fire starting, ferrocerium actually takes on the role that steel played in traditional methods. When small shavings of it are removed quickly enough, the heat generated by friction is enough to ignite those shavings. The sparks generated are in fact tiny pieces of burning metal.
Magma Gobs!

Most copied from this ...

Its like Taco bell Menu same stuff differant names IMHO



Tracker Pack # 1/Flint Tracker Pack #1



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