Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Wordpress Blog Heres a older blog I will expand on some things here but try not to repeat  to much
 And some Pics The First is My Brother "Piglet" USAF SERE Specialist and solid Woodsman, We were laying up for a "contact" to Unconventonaly Assist Air crew The second is Yours truly The "Quad pods" pictured are basically outpost schoolrooms for initial Survival Training The materials were a Parachute Canopy, 550 cord and Ashe Juniper poles all of which We had the worlds Supply at Hand although this Was Military Survival Training you can see the simple structure, benches, Smoker racks were no more than Modern examples of the Woodcraft/Campcraft skills of Old
 "Contacts" were normally made in more remote locales but changes were sometimes made for one reason or another Weather or just to Regroup Students. Our getup changed with the type of Contact
here we are neither the Locals good or bad but more of a "Other" Organization or "Mechanism"

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