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Metal Match(Ferro rod) 101

Heres a list of trade names again, to add more confusion from a Maker in china, yet to find a maker/info with a mine/factory in Sweden...the bottom has the recipe
In my Cave mind its all the same stuff magic sparky thing, from my first Boy Scout model to the last no name wonder blank...ya get a fire or you don't all of the Trade name bits below spark I'm sure, we just provide good tinder...
Good luck on finding the USA blanks.

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The required chemical composition:
Mischmetal(rare earth metal) : abt. 75%
Iron abt.18.1-19.3%
Magnesium 3-4% Rare earth metal distribution :
Cerium 49-51%Lanthanum 26-34%
Neodymium 0-10%
Praseodymium 4-7%
Pyrophoric percentage : 98%min.

Hardness : 70-90 HV
Dimension : 8.0mm up to 30mm Diameter x 5mm up to 1000mm Length.

Ferrocerium rod is made from Iron, Magnesium and mostly of an alloy of rare earth metals called mischmetal, which contains cerium, lanthanum and a small amounts of neodymium and praseodymium. The origin of its easy sparking is cerium's low temperature pyrophoricity, it's ignition temperature occurring between (150 to 180 degrees celsius). Since smaller scrapings become better sparks, the mechanical properties of rare earth metals must be adjusted to give a usable material;
Ferrocerium rod is widely used in flint lighter, outdoor firestarter(fire starter), survival kits(flint & steel kit) in scouting and camping, and sparking entertainment, clockwork toys and strikers for welding torches.
Ferrocerium is also known as Auermetall after its inventor Baron Carl Auer von Welsbach, it is sold under such trade names as Blastmatch, FireSteel, and Metal-Match.

While ferrocerium-and-steel function in a similar way to flint-and-steel in fire starting, ferrocerium actually takes on the role that steel played in traditional methods. When small shavings of it are removed quickly enough, the heat generated by friction is enough to ignite those shavings. The sparks generated are in fact tiny pieces of burning metal.
Magma Gobs!

Most copied from this ...

Its like Taco bell Menu same stuff differant names IMHO



Tracker Pack # 1/Flint Tracker Pack #1


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Beck WSK!!!


                                                   Lots more On this Beck WSK Soon

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Mount Whitney Take Two...


Mount Whitney “08″

** to **
** to Vegas Quick stop at the evil empire REI ,pant shell socks, reports of snow(LOTS) on Whitney(from shopper)the guy that worked there never heard of it.On to Death Valley. Lone Pine checck in at visitor center. Ranger left WP and wag bags 3ea. in night drop box.Carls Jr. Burgers.
Whitney Portal…damn its great to be back.set camp stowed chow in Bear boxes…Tired from trip. Trout in the little pond, Pines unf***ed air! Heaven.CY good CK good. me… sort gear and check and re-check.tried to sleep… to fired up.
Day 2.
early start 500am I packed all cold gear. Good thing.Mi 0.0 8,360ft trailhead at E.Whitney Portal. Mi 0.5 stream crossing.Mi. 0.8N.Fork Lone Pine creek contiue on main trail.John Muir Wilderness all ready hitting snow.(Carcus check good).  Mi 2.7 Lone Pine creek Log bridge (photo’s). Mi2.8(9,960ft)Lone Pine lake all well. More snow.mi 3.5-mi 3.8 (10,360ft) Out post camp.between Lone pine lake and Big Hornpark we got of trail because of snow we split three way’s and met up in Bighorn park
CY high south, Me Mid and CK low. All did some step kickin’ and have some “sketch factor”.Met Rangers (2) gave blood chit…I mean wilderness permit, and filed our water bot’s.I was where the rangers filled there bot’s and noticed they drank un-treated.I kinda giggled as I pumped my filter.Good on’em!Mi 4.3(10,640ft)Mirror Lake lots of snow.Goony yoga  Guy sitting dead center of the View…I’ll have no pictures here …D**K!!!
Lost trail aggain got up tomi4.85 and took a break.little food little water.feeling good guy’s also well.Snow coverd the 18 switchback’s… ranger’s on tail now take break we press.Timber Line her “No Mas Arborlis”. Mi 4.85 mi 4.9 last tree Iwatered it…sorry.Mi5.3(11,395ft)Trailside meadow, more water Well rutted accent.Mi6.3 Trail Camp(12,039)set camp brewwwwwUp!COLD.sort out gear eat tent up cold cks EV3 kept the wind at bay,at least the stuff out!side.BAD sleep!but feel goodCK not so good he torked his knee below ur camp when he postholed and had the rager headache,yes MS!
Day 3
After a Sh!tty sleep we woke to fridged temps and brutal winds that no lie blew me into a granite wall…hard!.CY stirring CK not stirring.didnt like the alpine start,I didnt like the winds. CY didnt give a crap and was Go!as usual dehydrated and fired up.(I have never seen CY drink water…ever!).I went for a pee and whaaaam!the wind hit me so hard it almost knocked me on my Arse!OK that was the no sh!tter!this dont look good.Looks like CY,going up and I aint.Rippin winds icy ledges bad feeling!CK’s out I’ll stay W/ Him.CY is gonna go for it! My one rule YOU GOTTA COME HOME (TC).
We set up a comsW/CY he said later and was gone.CK rested up I wandered around, the sun coming wind dyin down I made some food and a brew…I got the feeling …this is right CK may be sick? not getting worse but he just felt like crap.I stayed Im cool,CY ckecked in on sched.I moped around.Ate again and got another brew on.on to get some pic’s above camp…told CK my plan…Cool dude im good im just gonna chill.Rog  and off I go, light pack 10E’s ice axe crampons little grub Go!
Walking up hill across a large open area of the camp up I feel Great!a pic here a pic there.High above our camp now 3 climbers above me almost to the switchbacks,hard Go but I feel great.Crap Im at the cables at least what you can see of them up pass the cables (Skech) and on to the 96 swithbacks. took a stop and got out the Rhino and got CK on and asked what was up he said nada and he was cool I asked if he had heard from CY and he said that he was walking into the camp right now…I looked down and saw him …Trip over I thought…Wait, Hey CY…GO!…is Mt Muir Do-able from this point…Yep your 15 min to trail crest and its a mad scram to …OK I going for it.CK’s coll if you guys need t get down hill, leave my kit in my sleeping bag and go…Roger that,and I was off!..trip not over.
to be continued
Up to the first snow chute Sketchy level4…YOU GOTTA COME HOME…I dont know why but I took off my gloves
 and put my rings in my mouth.
The snow is good boot and axe will be good here no crampons.not to icy halfway there pic…
got that rings back on .
up to second traverse looks worse than the first one…
a vert up and over at the end of this
traverse with a small
 on the back with nothing below…
went for it up to Trail crest.Turn back? oh feck no I’m gonna go!
 all is good feel great…
breath think…breath think…up and around
 to trail crest and that view
 (Pic above)unreal… Heaven! sketch snow and rock broke
 to rocky trail Sh!t this is awesome!
 I’m gonna go for it.
Up Down trail I see the 3  ahead that started before me.
I keep walking I feel as though I can run…
slow down…
 breath think,breath think.
Steady pace so my ticker dont POP!
stop here and there drink, pic’s.
I pass one of the 3 ask if they are going back to the Portal,
 no English..
well off I go some ice here and there some big drops
 and chutes think breath
I see the summit Hut ahead and that fires me up…
GO! I sent my position on the Rhino after not getting any
 responce on
 the radio and the guys would know
 I was going for the Summit of Whitney and
 not Mt Muir like I said at last contact,
I remember my chant from ‘92′
 “I am the Summit” I laugh…
WEATHER in the distance its moving fast
 I pause and try to get a reading
 Whats it gonna do where’s it going time on target.
I’m to feckin close.The 2 of the three are on the snow field
they wave and point to the Summit Or
 are they pointing at the weather?
 wish they spoke English.had a funny thought:
 glad CY made it before them that day…
Thats messed up but thats what I thought.
200 yards of slippery shaky slabbed boulders 10 ft…
 I’m almost…
I’m there.
I could just crap!I’m here,again.I thought at 12′000
 that I wouldn’t get up here to the Summit
  I’m here.
OK get to work Sign in take pics weather check,
 requested pic’s waypoint GPS, drink some water pack up and GO!
 I start down fast to fast
 I ended up on the out of the mountaineers route?
 almost started down it…THINK BREATH unscrew yourself.
OK unscrewed back on track feel great! moving steady.
out of water Oh greet!
To be Continued.Stay tuned for the “3 bears a mooing!”


"Trad Gear" and a training method called the "Cutting the Teeth Game"

As a Youth I craved learning about life in the “wilds” the Adventures were driven of Family stories, TV Movie,Books and the Characters that lived in that little Mountain Town The Family Camps outs were Great but I Craved more and still do.We were pretty lucky to grow up in a National Forest It was a perfect training Ground.

There were a few books around The Scout Manuals a Partial Air force Survival Manual Ben Hunt books and a few at the school Library but as I Went through the pages and got familiar with things other than standard camp outs I craved challenge.

The Game

I had a pretty standard load out it was the basic essentials plus Caches throughout the Mountain no big production just little stashes some hooks matches and line in a Tree, a can of food here and there the biggest stash was a ammo can with tarp food tackle knife net fire set some metal skewers…Thing was that was all set for convenience and fun I wanted adventure and challenge so I had to make it

The challenge was the location and or conditions and Gear on hand

The Adventure was made with that…But the comfort was taken out by not just grabbing the pack and hiking stick

I made list from my notebooks of places that were within walking distance or places that I could be dropped and walk back

I made small cards with location and gear/tools and methods there was a bag for each

Example: Fire bag cards Metal Match,Matches,Flint and steel, blank, take primitive set, Make primitive set the blank card meant make primitive set

Clothing example: Clothes on Back, Dress for conditions and so on

Food and water: canteen empty ,plastic bag and water purification tabs canteen cup ,forage meal on go,set camp prep meal, take meal, fish crawdad, wild stew…

I had some injury cards as well eye,leg arm these would be backed off on if the risk of really getting injured was possible

The draw

Go to Grass valley Creek



Make shelter

Four matches

Clothes on back



Another example:

Evade to Lake (move as if evading)

No gear forage find feed (that would only leave a choice of task or scenario)

Move down creek improve shelter 1 2 or 3 return note tracks

Then once drawn you go, Im not sure how many times I buckled down and did this but there was a phase where it was the best way to enjoy and learn in the big outside.

This evolved into pre made load outs one was gear of the times another all hand made primitive gear another more Mountain Man load out and these were selected more by mood one was similar to what a downed Aircrew or Pilot would have which is funny since years later I became involved with that type Training

I broke things down to fire, shelter, food water, first aid, Signaling or more simple the 10 essentials I think I carried a pocket knife from elementary school till this day but there were some blades I would belt up as well as hatchets and some old machetes and saws

Take Care… M/BK







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Business and the Sotol Stalk.

Mr. Blacks “Business and the Sotol stalk”

The Sotol is a Desert plant with many uses here we will look at it as a Corporation that works together for a common goal

Lets break it down to departments…

Seed head: this is the corporate office, advertising,HR,PR and such they insure the Survivability of the company by spreading the Word or “seed”

The Stalk: is the big Boss aka the “Main Prick” or the “big Prick” it works to hold up the Corporate office where all the seeds and flowers work

The “big Prick” is surrounded with leaves these will do the hard work as we will see later the leaves are surrounded with Pricks and those will be dealt with later for there is really no use for them…

The Common goal

Here is how it all comes together to create the final product.

First the seed head is removed they know how to operate and should trust their People to Operate independent

The big Boss or Main Prick has to divide his time and this is the only way to earn his Pay By dividing his time with the little Pricks


Hand socket

Fire board

Are the Big pricks main duty

Cordage is a combined effort of the leaves and once all the small Pricks are removed you will have a great final product or team

Let them know that a contractor(550) can be called in at this point if they don’t get their shit together and the will be demoted to tinder…

once the pricks are removed they will be twisted or braided to into one solid unit

Tinder: these are the old Timers at the bottom of the plant do not under estimate their usefulness here for they will have a key roll in the combined outcome and success.

The team is assembled and together will work for a common goal…A small coal (Product) …In turn a flame or Success!

At first the team will not run to smooth so call Maintenance down stairs (The Roots) they can lube the spindle and hand socket and things will run smooth after a little tweak…Remember that come time for raises and Christmas cards! THEY ARE PART OF THE TEAM TOO!

There is going to be friction and smoke but that is good as long as things run smooth and there is only smoke at one point… if the top is smoking call maintenance again they know what to do. Note: The main office can be notified But they send a seed down to grease things, But try to solve the problem in House

With all the Parts running smooth you are close to the goal have the old timers standing by and ready

Work together in the final push to the common goal and there you have it celebrate your victory with drink provided by surrounding local companies to support the local economy Nettle, Mint and Dandelion.Spread the wealth.

The main office will continue growth of the Company

The Main Prick will retire or become a consultant

The leaves will fade away and be replaced with new and with that more Pricks! Or become old timers

The old timers will sit back and laugh at the new pricks especially the new Main Prick.

All department worked together to achieve a common goal


Thanks M/BK



The Ground Rules - Miyamoto Musashi just Sayin'


Miyamoto Musashi is known as the greatest Japanese samurai that ever lived (1584 -1645).

Do not think dishonestly.
The Way is in training
Become acquainted with every art.
Know the Way of all professions
Distinguish between gain and loss in worldly matters.
Develop intuitive judgement and understanding for everything.
Perceive those things which cannot be seen.
Pay attention even to trifles.
Do nothing which is of no use.
Accept everything just the way it is.
Do not seek pleasure for its own sake.
Do not, under any circumstances, depend on a partial feeling.
Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world.
Be detached from desire your whole life long.
Do not regret what you have done.
Never be jealous.
Never let yourself be saddened by a separation.
Resentment and complaint are appropriate neither for oneself nor others.
Do not let yourself be guided by the feeling of lust or love.
In all things have no preferences.
Be indifferent to where you live.
Do not pursue the taste of good food.
Do not hold on to possessions you no longer need.
Do not act following customary beliefs.
Do not collect weapons or practice with weapons beyond what is useful.
Do not fear death.
Do not seek to possess either goods or fiefs for your old age.
Respect Buddha and the gods without counting on their help.
You may abandon your own body but you must preserve your honour.
Never stray from the way.
            just some thoughts on Musashi and Modern Spec Spouters
Miyamoto Musashi had and won over 50 duels many of those were with Wooden swords that says a lot about Practice and technique and just becoming comphy lol ...theres a lot on the duels recorded in text and his Book If you can interpret his Gramar lol but not on this Little Knife... he took out a small Knife( that's it a Small Knife...with no specs type of steel or its origin? a 100yen store mod job??? It just don't Say nor do they mention Chest Leeevvvaaaahhhh! just carved a wood sword with a little knife) carved a Wooden sword from a old Boat paddle while as he sat calm in a small boat being paddled to a Island where a opponent waited, when the boat hit the far shore the Oar was now a tool used to run up the beach and crack a dudes grape then went back the boat, told the dude to paddle him back and he probably went to sleep...Comphy sound technique acquired by lots of Practice..."The Way Is In Training" ...Go!

I don't know what that has to do with anything lol but it makes more sense in my monkey brain to me than the Parrots spouting specs weights and measures and the angle of the dangle...knowing any of that has never helped me do one thing with a blade.
Just a opinion

Mountain Life

One thing I recall about living in a small Mountain town was it seemed folks pulled together,It seemed there was always something Earthquakes,Forest fires,mudslides,Blizzard,Drought and with one little road for all goods in and out and a road that was directly on the San Andreas Fault line the base was the Pacific Plate and the North American plate meet here and that force formed the Mountain Range...

I remember many times when the road up was closed so you just got on with it.
we had a few snow dumps of 6 feet over night and that meant work, shovel, thermos GO! a couple of times you could here rafters cracking under the weight and you would have to get out of the blanket and body heap to shovel the roof. We never worried bout the sides or even a foot or two up top because it was such a great insulator I always had a fire pit and with the snow so high a choice supply of Squaw wood
 I always marked my fire area with a tripod and left a good supply of Granite river rock and a couple of buckets with sand that I could dig down to for a outdoor cooking and heating area(didnt have a fire place inside a couple of the places)So the worse it was the more you combined inside with the outside the cabins at time became just shelters...
you would have someone pop in on XC skis and say, ya good? got food? or the Roads closed till who knows when. the stores open but youll have to to walk less ya got "skises". Grab the go bag and a Toboggan or something slippy a rope and you go get some fresh. ah Adventure.I never recall any panic in the snow-ins(folks were wore out from shoveling?) No electric,OK oil Lamps and the coleman cooker or real fun with the SVEA 123,I guess my point is the folks in that little town looked after each other and there was always there to let you in on whats going on an an invite to come by and stay with us we have plenty supplies if you need anything well check on ya latter...I miss that network of people dont have that feeling where we are at now but we learned alot in those little cabins
know I think here theres no Earthquakes,ForestFires,Snow...but we do seem to get a 100 year flood ,Twice a year

...Now the Chicken can be dropped pretty much anywhere and peck out a meager existence and Survive little grain, little worms,goes on about SURVIVAL calm and Cool...But the second its caught and ya cut off its is only then when it will run around like a Chicken with his head cut off.
We must strive to be like the chicken peck out a existence and try with all you have not to loose your HEAD

What I Dont like about (Internet) Bushcraft was the Question...

Here is the Response I Have yet to

-When Location is used to establish skill or experience with just a bunch of words and no pics lol

The Late Great Steve Untch said “You make Adventure, its not a Place”

-The fact some still think Carbon steel has something to do with scraping a Metal Match and refuse to acknowledge that they all come from Mines in a land that starts with a C

-Follow up on your “findings” on the Magic Of friction Fire a day after a post on how you made your first friction fire and proceed to sort everyone out

-the fact someone hated BG’s Knife so bad He suggested that instead of giving it to a Kid you should take it to the dump have the Kid dig a hole Between the Chicken bones and diapers and Bury it…Wow that’s pretty Harsh lol I am not a BG fan but his Knife is just a knife that’s orange and black…If I opened a Survival kit and one was in there I would LOL and then get to Survivin I guess,After my self Facilitated Rescue I would write my book Make the Movie and Buy BG a Zima or whatever he drinks …it’s a Knife not a crack pipe

-Wiki Jitsu used in a response or worse a cut and paste with hope I helped taged on the end and a winky face

- no mention of influence, Bad interpretation of other Peoples hard work.,using Names or emblems of actual US and Allied Heros for your “schools” Name and stamping your logo and school name on any Iconic Gear you can get your hands on

- Instant expertitus or not wearing shoes is presented as a skill or badge of real dealedness

-when Bushcraft or bush is used as Smurfs use Smurf Its not so much like that here … Example: Right! On this Bushy Day Then… I Fetch me bush hat Bush bergan and its Off onto Bushcraft Bimble Bushwackery Glory Right! Test the Bushy Bushcraft Knife and as always its Bushy keen as a Bush lazer…lol sorry

-over technobabbling on anything anywhere lol so far mainly internet Bushcraft gripes lol

-If I hear the sound track of “My people call it Maze”Comercial in my head I have to log off

- if a Post reads like a Briefing from the Bridge of the USS Enterprise or a episode of Hawaii Five -O… I gotta log off

Theres not really anything I don’t like about Getting out there part, whatever form, camp out, Cave style Primitive ,Climbing Trip,trad camp gear,highspeed training day work or play its all fine lol As some have said I don’t like when they end or when someone gets hurt or smoothing it as planned was not in Ma Natures day planner…

Ive enjoyed tent bound trips as much as the free roving no holds barred wonderamas I’ve settled on the Tools I like and have seen a bunch flat out fail don’t flinch much at Ax or knife dings fix em and get back to work. catastrophic failure even then I just try to chock it as a I wont use that crap again and try to keep it to myself …keyword, try lol

Whats not to like about diving into life(feet first to increase Survivability) with shiney’(Or flat Black lol) sharp stuff ,fire,Water,Wood,Maya Dust PBJ and juteballpubelint balls whatever your “elements” are… the like should outweigh the dislike or maybe gaming should be looked into lol I don’t know!




Tracking in a NutShell

                                                         Tracking in a Nut shell

Take note of the Marks you make when you make em circle back and see what you did remember your motions put that together… Same with the Birds and beasts, Go where you see the Beast and look at its marks again take note

When you see the Marks of others and Beast you will see the big picture more clearly
Mountain Lion Kill

Rely not on Magic Spirits just the Physical evidence of Travel and you should paint a good picture of what went on…get tuned in its like a photo, better focus- better picture

Counter Tracking Is being aware of the marks you make and the discipline to not do that...

you can take it way further than this its just a rendered down thought on the subject



My Wordpress Blog Heres a older blog I will expand on some things here but try not to repeat  to much
 And some Pics The First is My Brother "Piglet" USAF SERE Specialist and solid Woodsman, We were laying up for a "contact" to Unconventonaly Assist Air crew The second is Yours truly The "Quad pods" pictured are basically outpost schoolrooms for initial Survival Training The materials were a Parachute Canopy, 550 cord and Ashe Juniper poles all of which We had the worlds Supply at Hand although this Was Military Survival Training you can see the simple structure, benches, Smoker racks were no more than Modern examples of the Woodcraft/Campcraft skills of Old
 "Contacts" were normally made in more remote locales but changes were sometimes made for one reason or another Weather or just to Regroup Students. Our getup changed with the type of Contact
here we are neither the Locals good or bad but more of a "Other" Organization or "Mechanism"

OP-X Logo