Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What I Dont like about (Internet) Bushcraft was the Question...

Here is the Response I Have yet to

-When Location is used to establish skill or experience with just a bunch of words and no pics lol

The Late Great Steve Untch said “You make Adventure, its not a Place”

-The fact some still think Carbon steel has something to do with scraping a Metal Match and refuse to acknowledge that they all come from Mines in a land that starts with a C

-Follow up on your “findings” on the Magic Of friction Fire a day after a post on how you made your first friction fire and proceed to sort everyone out

-the fact someone hated BG’s Knife so bad He suggested that instead of giving it to a Kid you should take it to the dump have the Kid dig a hole Between the Chicken bones and diapers and Bury it…Wow that’s pretty Harsh lol I am not a BG fan but his Knife is just a knife that’s orange and black…If I opened a Survival kit and one was in there I would LOL and then get to Survivin I guess,After my self Facilitated Rescue I would write my book Make the Movie and Buy BG a Zima or whatever he drinks …it’s a Knife not a crack pipe

-Wiki Jitsu used in a response or worse a cut and paste with hope I helped taged on the end and a winky face

- no mention of influence, Bad interpretation of other Peoples hard work.,using Names or emblems of actual US and Allied Heros for your “schools” Name and stamping your logo and school name on any Iconic Gear you can get your hands on

- Instant expertitus or not wearing shoes is presented as a skill or badge of real dealedness

-when Bushcraft or bush is used as Smurfs use Smurf Its not so much like that here … Example: Right! On this Bushy Day Then… I Fetch me bush hat Bush bergan and its Off onto Bushcraft Bimble Bushwackery Glory Right! Test the Bushy Bushcraft Knife and as always its Bushy keen as a Bush lazer…lol sorry

-over technobabbling on anything anywhere lol so far mainly internet Bushcraft gripes lol

-If I hear the sound track of “My people call it Maze”Comercial in my head I have to log off

- if a Post reads like a Briefing from the Bridge of the USS Enterprise or a episode of Hawaii Five -O… I gotta log off

Theres not really anything I don’t like about Getting out there part, whatever form, camp out, Cave style Primitive ,Climbing Trip,trad camp gear,highspeed training day work or play its all fine lol As some have said I don’t like when they end or when someone gets hurt or smoothing it as planned was not in Ma Natures day planner…

Ive enjoyed tent bound trips as much as the free roving no holds barred wonderamas I’ve settled on the Tools I like and have seen a bunch flat out fail don’t flinch much at Ax or knife dings fix em and get back to work. catastrophic failure even then I just try to chock it as a I wont use that crap again and try to keep it to myself …keyword, try lol

Whats not to like about diving into life(feet first to increase Survivability) with shiney’(Or flat Black lol) sharp stuff ,fire,Water,Wood,Maya Dust PBJ and juteballpubelint balls whatever your “elements” are… the like should outweigh the dislike or maybe gaming should be looked into lol I don’t know!





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