Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Mountain Life

One thing I recall about living in a small Mountain town was it seemed folks pulled together,It seemed there was always something Earthquakes,Forest fires,mudslides,Blizzard,Drought and with one little road for all goods in and out and a road that was directly on the San Andreas Fault line the base was the Pacific Plate and the North American plate meet here and that force formed the Mountain Range...

I remember many times when the road up was closed so you just got on with it.
we had a few snow dumps of 6 feet over night and that meant work, shovel, thermos GO! a couple of times you could here rafters cracking under the weight and you would have to get out of the blanket and body heap to shovel the roof. We never worried bout the sides or even a foot or two up top because it was such a great insulator I always had a fire pit and with the snow so high a choice supply of Squaw wood
 I always marked my fire area with a tripod and left a good supply of Granite river rock and a couple of buckets with sand that I could dig down to for a outdoor cooking and heating area(didnt have a fire place inside a couple of the places)So the worse it was the more you combined inside with the outside the cabins at time became just shelters...
you would have someone pop in on XC skis and say, ya good? got food? or the Roads closed till who knows when. the stores open but youll have to to walk less ya got "skises". Grab the go bag and a Toboggan or something slippy a rope and you go get some fresh. ah Adventure.I never recall any panic in the snow-ins(folks were wore out from shoveling?) No electric,OK oil Lamps and the coleman cooker or real fun with the SVEA 123,I guess my point is the folks in that little town looked after each other and there was always there to let you in on whats going on an an invite to come by and stay with us we have plenty supplies if you need anything well check on ya latter...I miss that network of people dont have that feeling where we are at now but we learned alot in those little cabins
know I think here theres no Earthquakes,ForestFires,Snow...but we do seem to get a 100 year flood ,Twice a year

...Now the Chicken can be dropped pretty much anywhere and peck out a meager existence and Survive little grain, little worms,goes on about SURVIVAL calm and Cool...But the second its caught and ya cut off its is only then when it will run around like a Chicken with his head cut off.
We must strive to be like the chicken peck out a existence and try with all you have not to loose your HEAD


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