Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Business and the Sotol Stalk.

Mr. Blacks “Business and the Sotol stalk”

The Sotol is a Desert plant with many uses here we will look at it as a Corporation that works together for a common goal

Lets break it down to departments…

Seed head: this is the corporate office, advertising,HR,PR and such they insure the Survivability of the company by spreading the Word or “seed”

The Stalk: is the big Boss aka the “Main Prick” or the “big Prick” it works to hold up the Corporate office where all the seeds and flowers work

The “big Prick” is surrounded with leaves these will do the hard work as we will see later the leaves are surrounded with Pricks and those will be dealt with later for there is really no use for them…

The Common goal

Here is how it all comes together to create the final product.

First the seed head is removed they know how to operate and should trust their People to Operate independent

The big Boss or Main Prick has to divide his time and this is the only way to earn his Pay By dividing his time with the little Pricks


Hand socket

Fire board

Are the Big pricks main duty

Cordage is a combined effort of the leaves and once all the small Pricks are removed you will have a great final product or team

Let them know that a contractor(550) can be called in at this point if they don’t get their shit together and the will be demoted to tinder…

once the pricks are removed they will be twisted or braided to into one solid unit

Tinder: these are the old Timers at the bottom of the plant do not under estimate their usefulness here for they will have a key roll in the combined outcome and success.

The team is assembled and together will work for a common goal…A small coal (Product) …In turn a flame or Success!

At first the team will not run to smooth so call Maintenance down stairs (The Roots) they can lube the spindle and hand socket and things will run smooth after a little tweak…Remember that come time for raises and Christmas cards! THEY ARE PART OF THE TEAM TOO!

There is going to be friction and smoke but that is good as long as things run smooth and there is only smoke at one point… if the top is smoking call maintenance again they know what to do. Note: The main office can be notified But they send a seed down to grease things, But try to solve the problem in House

With all the Parts running smooth you are close to the goal have the old timers standing by and ready

Work together in the final push to the common goal and there you have it celebrate your victory with drink provided by surrounding local companies to support the local economy Nettle, Mint and Dandelion.Spread the wealth.

The main office will continue growth of the Company

The Main Prick will retire or become a consultant

The leaves will fade away and be replaced with new and with that more Pricks! Or become old timers

The old timers will sit back and laugh at the new pricks especially the new Main Prick.

All department worked together to achieve a common goal


Thanks M/BK




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