One of the Great plants I get to work with often is are the Agave The uses of the many types of this plant From the magical Tequila(Or Evil) the delicious Pulque a milky Agave Beer which after contact was distilled to transform and magnified with the aforementioned liquor.
The fibers of the different varieties vary in quality and some from what I understand possess anti coagulant properties and after many years of accidental stabs I concur I had some close calls with this stuff lol

contact dermatitis is common and again with the variety this varies from slight itch to help me ophra help me Tom Cruize IM ON FIRE!!! buns and even blistering...

A western gift from God to make up for not getting Birch and Maples lol...But ya gotta want it.

Here is a little trick I first learned about from my Grampa he had spent many days of his life in Baja and My Grandma mended many pairs of 501s with agave the agave threads

Above is a smaller 'Leaf" and a little knife work frees the needle with threads attached. a SURVIVAL TV PERSONALITY USED HIS TEETH I DO NOT RECOMEND THAT IVE SEEN FUR AND FILTH ON SOME OF THESE THAT WOULD GAG A MAGGOT and not to mention the non clotting drizzle your tongue will get if you slip it can be done with a finger nail no need to jump all off the deep ledge into the icy cold pool...a Knife make it a little cleaner is all
The single leaf yields massive amounts of fiber with some prep and elbow grease (See Bosaphs inbound)