Tuesday, December 31, 2013

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 Mr.Black Here,
Im gonna jump on here and give Blogging another go...how's that sound?

 It May take a Bit to set camp and Scout around but the Fact I just added pics Real Easy is a good sign
If you look at the time line more game has been taken by spear/Lance/ Atlatl than firearms so it is effective and simple to make if the cave folk had better knives to make those simple tools that number may have doubled??? lol and there is a gajillion Lance spear and atlatl points that will be found out there pretty much forever so they did break and get lost If someone cant figure out how to sharpen a stick.

I have tied lanyards on knife handles with no holes retention is just a habit and if they are holes there and its a knife I know first hand its not a blade I either saw break or fail in some way or just pooped the bed when I used it That list is longer than the few I have settled with

There was a time when bolt knives as well as other blades were like tic tacs bins full in all condition they were beat broken re purposed tuned into picks, hammers Spears, gaffs, Ice Axes, small sickles, harpoons and who knows what all, in all that time I cannot recall one knife tied to the side of a stick that just seemed like a off set bayonet not on a rifle,but on a stick...

This subject pops up quite a bit and if anyone ever finds them self in a situation where they feel tying their knife on a stick will give them any advantage that's good I hope they know their knots and hitches

I has been done and it will be done again, it will work and or it will lead to losing or damaging a knife? is a factor in a decision I make? No. you should be able to tie anything onto a stick before you even get a knife hole or not

In short I plea ignorance and apathy...and again did BF close down


after writing about 4 paragraphs, twice! lol and I deleted em so Ive narrowed it down... holes or not you should be able to lash anything to a stick before you even get a knife

and if you are resorting to spear use you really screwed up unless its part of the culture or you actually gave it a go using lots of combos and techniques, know how to sharpen a stick

More game has been taken by spear lance atlatl and other variants than firearms if you look at the timeline so they are effective but then again the Earth is littered with broken and lost points...

There I wrote a complete circle Stay tuned for more...