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In my cutting my teeth days I would grab a old Buffalo skinner or what ever in a piece of fire hose tuck that in my belt and walk into the San Bernardino National forest AKA back yard

The reason I took the blade was the Mountain is made of granite, Decomposing granite,there was Very small deposites of obsidian here and there those were Serrano work sites also basalt was the main material of any artifacts and scrap I would use it and leave it of stash it to share later and depending on the circumstances I kept it and still have it but that between me and me

water could be had at many seeps and springs and there was no paranoia of Giardiasis (Though I did get it later from a splash to the face in the lake)Some of the same water I enjoyed then has probably made its way to Arrowhead springs and has filtered thousands of feet down the hill and is in a truck or little plastic bottle... lol

There were a quite few ways to get the water Mopping it up with a bandana,stick seep,straw tap with willow bark tube,seep hole as not to bore...

they were seasonal so picking the areas was well planned from year round countless visits. some places had wild rose, some good willows for arrows,some frogs, crawdads, catfish, Trout most of the areas had water in the form of creeks and evidence of Serrano people was near by so my choices were sound as far as figuring out where when and how to go
Horse grass,Alder,Pinyon,Globs of sap from the sugar pine and ponderosa,Sotol on the transition area,Sage,currants,strawberrys, THREE FEET OF FOREST DUFF to sleep on sheets of bark laying all over root rope galore...not one of the things required knife manipulation
Im noticing lately the collection of scraps I carry replacing the mounds of stuff sacks ditty bags and every combo know I have acquired,now a old pima cotton Patagonia scrap holds my line kit...oops this is about a knife

a fish can be gutted with a finger so cutting wood and scrapping was the reason above all I would take one anyone can beak a stick hastily make a frame or what ever but I do find joy in clean controlled cut and making stuff well,that looks cool... abrading with a rock works but if you actually do it a lot to prove its effectiveness it losses its allure real quick

The rendering of gear can be looked at as unsafe and I will agree because in my teeth cutting days I had some close scraps and I was gonna immerse myself and figure stuff out there were few books and no fastract internet many "mystical secrets" were guarded or the people I asked didn't know, the tracks of that was the tandy leather pre made accoutrement and dyed turkey feathers...My ancestors left all this stuff in Caves of Europe so yeah I can make this stuff Chief(another Story)... that started another quest for lack of a down to Earth term... cave camp the knife went away for awhile and I learned more than ever

there are no guarantees of food drink and fire shelter its about how you handle the fails and the joy that brings...small Victory's

Now Im gonna turn into a Coyote and eat the Nabors cat

just some thoughts on grabbing a knife and walking

as far as what ever the hell else went on in this thread...I don't understand the Question so "let me ride my bike around this camp"

Theres a story you can look up

"A edge, a simple edge... and the understanding the many ways to improves a edge" Best Knife speech I ever Heard


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Some Thoghts reason

Many Years ago My Pap Said "No Matter How good you think you are at anything Theres some one out there that's Better" I never forgot these words and has been a motivator to this day

Years later I Heard "Somewhere in the world someone is Training when you are not. when you meet he will win".Some wise words from a True "Global Survival Expert" Though you would never hear him say it, that's I what he was on paper and deed , that was earned by intense Training
In this training there was no fastrack the foot work was done or the one slipping by was done if it was not done to the best effort

Fastrack to "expert-itus" is something I have mentioned may times in my rambles and with instant access to tips tricks techniques its flourishing now more than ever and answers from cut and paste quick draws can sometimes paint a false illusion of Knowledge and skill as well as "skill by location association" Rain percentage of a area where your apartment is will not guarantee fire success in the Rain forest or the Sonoran Desert and Not all People in Alaska were raised by Inuit
Location is not a skill but can sometime(Many times) be presented that way

A simple pleasure like a Pot hook in one of its most simple form or the most intricate work of art and function can be scoffed by a self proclaimed Expert as a waste of time as well as certain alternative tool use and anyone recommending the shortcuts to Training has probably did the same throughout theirs the old saying "Theres more than one way to skin a cat" comes to mind and anyone who just settles on tossing the cat in the fire is not really passing knowledge just relating the Max of their skill level and what they have settled on to start cashing in. Seek Eagles not the Parrots...

Know to the best of your ability who said what and give them credit Cody Lundeeen did not say "Dear Lord please don't let me **** this up" that was Alan Shepard Cody's would ego is bigger than a Astronaut and would not not utter possible failure lol (Remain calm... note: not an attack its just he has been credited as well as Les Bear DC and some other interpreters with quotes as of late that are in scout manuals and woodcraft books dating back before their conception...Moving on)

Another thought Fancy Graphics Highspeed production and acquaintance of a Former SEAL will not help you do anything by Viewing you will have to do your own teeth cutting Knowing the Facts and Science of the edge of a blade,swing arc or the rpm of a hand drill spindle will not mean you can do it either for fun or for a Emergency hands on is key Eyes on is only the first baby steps and that is translated to feel and that then becomes burnt in to your muscle memory

It all washes out on the rock...more to follow

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OperationalExtras Colorado Gear and Condition Hotwash (+playlist)

Heres some of the Gear in the Kit Bag,condition observationand another attempt at optional don doff and optional carry of the Kit Bag and a peek at my Magic Cape lol