Saturday, August 23, 2014

Otzi Pack sack is in the works...thoghts and inspiration

In all of the research I have been doing I have found and in the good pics or the artifacts the stitching varies widely from sinews to Gut to plant fibers, grasses and small varied sourced thongs. Also the methods used.
On the pack sack I did a load of experimentation with the varied style and stitching materials’ I started trying trad methods also to refresh the muscle memory in the sessions and went to a quicker method using a star punch and sail needle… that now has broke lol
The coat, when I get there will be clean as I can as far as stitching since I will want to use the thing later, but the Pack Sack I wanted to sew pull apart and fix a few times just to dive into that a little. it shows in the pack so far though I have lots of work ahead. I also wanted to show varied stitch and materials in the pack…
The leggings will be a little more of a patch stitch showcase as well
The Trad way I was doing was poke a hole ream that out with a awl and send the “Thread “ through and synch er down For holes at a time,actually 8 with four stitches…Rolling stitch as well as some others…
The llll bars has been a way to mark possessions since I was a kid I got it from the WHITNEY point blankets my… Yes… Grandpa had lol it is easy to sctatch or carve, so llll bars is a mark ive used for quite awhile… four came up years later with Ishi and many other people and I’ll be damned if llll bars weren’t found on Otzi tattoos …are ya tracking on the flow here? lol
The Net took about 6 hours I guess maybe more. I would leave it in the yard where I worked on it to mainly test the weathering of the sisal salvaged from work, it passed with flying colors
Since I first found out about netting being discovered, I have had my theory’s ,Maybe since the people that are studying the artifacts and remains have not gone through a phase of “101 ways to kill a man with a jungle hammock” lol Old joke, the Book as I pull it off the shelf is really called “24 ways to use a jungle hammock in the field” The 101 ways was the exaggerated version we came up with in the field lol… a scrape of simple net is a one of the most utilitarian things you can posses lol
Im not really a hammock guy but that book opened a can o worms that to this day I cannot close

Dersu the Trapper.
In that book and the Kurasawa film one of the most impressive things was the use of that net that held his pack together. I used a simple method to make the net so no measurement or shuttle was used just two common knots fingers and feel,I did get a little lost since I would walk away and come back a lot but this net will be the one to go.
More on the planned use of this net for the trip latter

The fact no true pack sack was found but little bits of netting were that sent me in the direction Im going with this
Thanks again and take care MORE SOON...

Rough deer hide pack sack/ground cloth/ kilt

folded with Frame(Grapevine made the cut)

Any stitching on clothing items will be tighter and cleaner this style from what I have gathered at least from the Belt and shoe remains will do for some gear components I used multiple lace material and methods...again from what I have gathered. $6 deer scrap bag

gut bundle for clothing items when I get there material wise stained with coffee and blackwalnut...and bits

I rolled the packsack for a idea of what a legging will look like as far as the patch work

Das Netz outer compression for pack sack/insulation compression/hasty net vest...Multi purpose...

since I posted this harness of Barkthese have been left in the yard on the floorboards of my rig left in the rain and Tx heat and humidity They have remained flexable and strong so they are Go!