Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Abandoned Woodcutters Seat...

Quite a few years back I was doing Tree work and was assigned to clear parts of a road of any and all branches it was so vehicles could drive the perimeter road, anyway grabed my gear and my pack and was driven to the site in a Kawasaki mule I was showed the area and the foreman split
I got cutting the weather was cold and drizzly
I worked about 8 hours leaving piles to be pushed of the road later by back hoe the temps were dropping and the drizzle turned to sleet…and it was past closing for the day No ride showed up needless to say I was getting pissed
I went to my pack got out the poncho and cut a few poles at this point I was just going to shelter down and wait No Radio and No phone…trusted them to pick me up and they still havent showed
I had water a canteen cup a brew kit some snakos and some MRE Conponenets So I says Screw it they aint coming back Im gonna set up a camp.I cleared a spot down to the dirt got the chainsaw into some Ash Juniper and did a flat cut with the grain producing a pillow case worth of dry shavings there were enough twigs on hand to get a good blaze and it was soaking quick,I struck the mess of with my metal match and got the cup on the brew I had raingear on British DPM and a Patagoochie fleece but it was really dropping in temps I still had a ton of shavings from the saw and I always have a cravat or two I took one out and filled it with shavings to make a seat It worked great pulled up a log and begin to think I really don’t care if they get me.
I sat,ate Drank hot Brews as the night closed in I saw the lights from the mule wasn’t sure what I was gonna do I made sure it was the Forman coming and the fog lights flashing was sure sighn he was coming
I put the fire out wrapped up my gear and waited under the poncho…
Oh Man Im So Sorry!I thought you went home so I left too security said your ride was here still said he
I just looked at him…Don’t leave people laying around! sez I I was fine just don’t ever do that again to anybody
I moved on after a few more knuckleheaded stunts but have used the “abandon woodcutters seat “on many occasions…

Long of the short... be Prepared

There was more Adventure at that place and the fishing was Great,My last day lol...More later


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