Friday, February 27, 2015

Got a cool last assignment today the property was gonna have a S'more session at one of the fire pits and needed some sticks.They had some one footers thats way to short for Mallow roasting...with the use of Musk-oxen mind pwer I suggested I went and Got some Propper Sticks(Waved hand) My Boss said Hey why don't you go and fetch some proper sticks...I said That's a grand Idea...
And mounted my trusty EZGO!

Weather Freezy, sleety,I soaked from the days work
Thermos Check
WSK Beck Check
The thought I was going out of the normal AO was invigorating...

Got to one of the lakes and did a quick check of the area...
Found a stove part and a Trident Pitch fork...One less thing More on that later...

I gather the good straight'ns and after a little 90* scrape with the Beck all little knots and nubs removed I used a cheap stainless rapala bait knife I carry to sharpen the points actual since I usedthe Beck all day on some pretty nasty woods and hadn't had a chance to clean'er up...

I used Red Bud suckers for some and the Larger were willow with a couple of tip arrangements...they should work fine for the guest It was quick work but I will be doing more Im sure of the little perks of the on coming summer as well(Musk-Oxen mind power has administered a sleeper thought of -ghosty voice- how about a singing cowboy,camfire presentation, naturalist, survival instructor dude...with a beard at the fire for the guest...More on that as well soon lol

Heres the way I left them for the Rec People to find tomorrow...The gust are gonna realy like the Hiking sticks as well lol more on that later

The old foreground UNSAT...
Willow De-LUX and budget model Redbud Version .01

Enjoy your Mallows and S'Mores folks
Your pal the Yodel'n Woodsman


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