Friday, April 4, 2014

Some Thoghts reason

Many Years ago My Pap Said "No Matter How good you think you are at anything Theres some one out there that's Better" I never forgot these words and has been a motivator to this day

Years later I Heard "Somewhere in the world someone is Training when you are not. when you meet he will win".Some wise words from a True "Global Survival Expert" Though you would never hear him say it, that's I what he was on paper and deed , that was earned by intense Training
In this training there was no fastrack the foot work was done or the one slipping by was done if it was not done to the best effort

Fastrack to "expert-itus" is something I have mentioned may times in my rambles and with instant access to tips tricks techniques its flourishing now more than ever and answers from cut and paste quick draws can sometimes paint a false illusion of Knowledge and skill as well as "skill by location association" Rain percentage of a area where your apartment is will not guarantee fire success in the Rain forest or the Sonoran Desert and Not all People in Alaska were raised by Inuit
Location is not a skill but can sometime(Many times) be presented that way

A simple pleasure like a Pot hook in one of its most simple form or the most intricate work of art and function can be scoffed by a self proclaimed Expert as a waste of time as well as certain alternative tool use and anyone recommending the shortcuts to Training has probably did the same throughout theirs the old saying "Theres more than one way to skin a cat" comes to mind and anyone who just settles on tossing the cat in the fire is not really passing knowledge just relating the Max of their skill level and what they have settled on to start cashing in. Seek Eagles not the Parrots...

Know to the best of your ability who said what and give them credit Cody Lundeeen did not say "Dear Lord please don't let me **** this up" that was Alan Shepard Cody's would ego is bigger than a Astronaut and would not not utter possible failure lol (Remain calm... note: not an attack its just he has been credited as well as Les Bear DC and some other interpreters with quotes as of late that are in scout manuals and woodcraft books dating back before their conception...Moving on)

Another thought Fancy Graphics Highspeed production and acquaintance of a Former SEAL will not help you do anything by Viewing you will have to do your own teeth cutting Knowing the Facts and Science of the edge of a blade,swing arc or the rpm of a hand drill spindle will not mean you can do it either for fun or for a Emergency hands on is key Eyes on is only the first baby steps and that is translated to feel and that then becomes burnt in to your muscle memory

It all washes out on the rock...more to follow

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